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The Thrill of Indoor Climbing

Indoor climbing is a sport that deals with both the body and mind. It takes a lot of will power to be able to withstand the challenges it gives and the mere determination to reach the goal of reaching the top. Yet, there is a lot to learn with regards to the art of indoor climbing.Indoor climbing is an increasingly famous type of rock climbing that is done by the use of artificial structures that imitate the feeling of climbing a rocky mountain. Yet, this is in a controlled surrounding as compared to the dangerous but adventurous sport of outdoor rock climbing. The idea of the artificial indoor climbing wall originated in United Kingdom, where Don Robinson, a professor of Physical Education of The Leeds University created DR Climbing Walls in 1964. He made this possible by inserting rocks into a wall on a corridor. It was commercially introduced and constructed in Sheffield which is now considered as the heart of Indoor Climbing. The first indoor walls were made of bricks, giving a smaller choice of routes....


Choosing the Right Carabiners for Your Climb

Before going on any climb, you'll need to access what kinds of equipment you'll need for your trip and be able to pack your necessary gear accordingly. There are several different types of carabiners that you can choose from that vary according to size, shape and gate size. Having the right carabiners for your trip and understanding how to use them are very important, as your life may be depending on them. Here are some quick tips for choosing the right carabiners for your climb. Consider Your Needs Before choosing any kind of carabiner for your trip, you need to consider what you will be using them for. Different styles of carabiners are designed for different tasks, so you'll want to ask yourself what kinds of climbing you'll be doing, as well as the kinds of protections you'll be clipping into. If you're just starting out climbing, you may want to get the assistance of an expert or experienced salesman for some help. Explore Your Options Once you know what kinds of carabiners will be best for your trip, ta...


Essential Rock Climbing Equipment For The Sportsman On A Budget

More and more people are quickly discovering the thrill and satisfaction of rock climbing as a sport. The exhilarating demands of this passion, coupled with the intoxicating satisfaction of conquering nature's wonders with your sheer will and physical efforts, make rock climbing a truly addictive endeavor. Although it is addictive, care must be practiced.But people can't simply pack their things in their bags and venture to the great outdoors to embark on rock climbing adventures. It's a little more complicated than that. For starters, proper pre-climb training is necessary, to build your strength and endurance which are both required by the exhausting challenges of the sport, and to prepare your mind to make sound decisions while scaling the sides of cliffs and crags. Also, you'd need the right rock climbing equipment to ensure an enjoyable, and more importantly, a safe experience for yourself.Here lies the problem that most people who are interested with rock climbing do experience.Though training can be ga...


An Exotic Location To Holiday

When considering your annual vacation, there are so many possibilities and so many things to take into consideration that it can take the best part of six months to decide, particularly if you are going with a partner or children and their needs and desires have to be considered also.Much also depends on budget but if you shop around, there are some last minute bargains to be had which could see you jetting off to somewhere much more exotic than you had originally planned, like Brazil, for instance.Brazil holidays truly are a special experience. You will have the balmy weather that is to be expected south of the equator and a culture that is so diverse across the country that you can experience many different things in one trip. If you are looking for a honeymoon destination, consider a Brazil holiday for that touch of paradise to begin your life together. A crystal clear ocean to swim in, packed with an abundance of precious corals and vividly coloured fish is the perfect setting for scuba diving or snorkell...


How Do I Survive a Lost in the Woods Disaster?

There are several reasons that even the most experienced outdoorsman can find themself stranded in the wilderness. Here are few of the most common scenarios and ways to deal with them.Plan Before You LeaveBefore you embark on any wilderness trip, it is essential that you notify at least one person of where you are going. If possible, provide a map and a detailed itinerary so rescuers know where to look for you. This will significantly lower the amount of time you have to survive should you find yourself stranded. Stay as close to this itinerary as possible; your life may depend on it.Another way to ensure wilderness survival is to pack a good emergency survival kit with enough supplies to keep you alive for up to three days. It takes surprisingly few things to sustain life and provide for the most common scenarios, so this is an easy way to protect your life.Physical InjuryThis is a common scenario for hikers and hunters: You trek deep into the woods, then sprain an ankle so severely that you cannot walk. How...


Insect and Wildlife Photography Tips - How to Take Great Pictures

Many times people think they can only take amazing wildlife pictures away from home, but many times, you can get great pictures right in your own backyard. Photographing Wildlife with Feathers or Fur Depending upon where you live, there are lots of ways to convert your yard into a wildlife sanctuary for birds, frogs, squirrels and other critters. If you want to feed wildlife, don't feed them food from your cupboard but instead follow the wildlife attraction and sustainability tips from the National Wildlife Federation so you can be sure you're helping them and not hurting them. By following the advice from wildlife experts, you will also be creating an environmentally friendly landscape that will be good for the animals and the environment. Take some time to read up on the species you want to photograph so you can better understand their habits and hopefully take better pictures of them. And you will be better able to avoid attracting potentially dangerous predators into your yard. You might also want to...


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