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Stepping Up To Bouldering

Rock climbing is a sport that numerous people flock to every year, drawn by the beauty of the mountain, the allure of the climb, and the sheer adrenaline rush of scaling rock. For a select few, simple rock climbing is not enough. For those individuals, there is an entirely different sport derivative of climbing, known as bouldering that pits an individual without any equipment against a much shorter climb. Knowing the difference between bouldering and rock climbing and how to choose your first boulders is the first step in getting into this exciting climbing alternative. Bouldering was originally developed as practice for rock climbers so as to offer themselves an opportunity to work on their moves on a smaller scale without the effort and time involved in a full climb. Over time however the sport has evolved into its own sub-sport in which numerous techniques have been developed and stars have been born. Bouldering itself is defined by the size of the boulder being climbed. Without equipment, it is general...


Climbing Gear - Don't Leave Home Without It

Climbing is a popular sport around the world. Whether it be rock climbing, ice climbing, tree climbing, climbing walls, or bouldering, the sport has definitely taken hold around the world. But anyone who has been on a climb can tell you that it's not nearly as easy or safe as some of the other sports you can get into. Honestly, one wrong move or knot tied incorrectly can lead to serious injury or even death for yourself or a climbing partner. It's extremely important to pay attention to detail when you're on a climb. One of the best ways to do that is to have the right kinds of climbing gear, and to take care of your rock climbing gear carefully. Here are some great tips for making sure you're prepared for the climb.Having the Right Climbing GearDepending on what kind of climbing you're going to be participating in, the assortment of climbing gear you're going to need is going to change. Climbing requires lots of different pieces of climbing gear and it's essential to have your concepts and gear straight befo...


How to Wear a Climbing Harness

Your climbing harness is one of the most essential pieces of equipment that most climbers will use during their climbing adventures. Not only will your climbing harness be used to connect you to certain pieces of gear along the way of your climb, but a climbing harness will be one of the most important factors in keeping you safe in the event of a fall. If your climbing harness is too tight, you'll have problems climbing since your movements will be greatly restricted. Alternately, if your harness is too loose, your harness will slip, chafe, and could possibly even let go of you. Knowing how your climbing harness should fit is a great way to help keep you safe, and have the best climb possible. Just as a pair of jeans fits differently on different people who try them on, so the same climbing harness will not work for every person. Be sure to try on several different types of harnesses so that you can find one that fits comfortably. Here are a few other tips and pointers for learning how a harness should fit y...


Enjoy The Health Benefits Of Wild Game Meats

Over the last few years, more and more people are adding healthier alternatives to their diets. As a society, we're becoming much more knowledgeable about healthy choices, fat content, and artificial ingredients. There has been a growing trend away from some of the traditional high fat and high cholestorol meat choices, while seeking out healthier, easy-to-prepare alternatives. Certain types of wild game meats, previously largely unavailable in the marketplace, are turning up more and more frequently on restaurant menus and dinner tables.A recent dining trend over the last 10 years has been a move away from high fat, high cholesterol meats. We've become much more knowledgeable about healthy choices and avoiding high fat content and artificial ingredients. More and more restaurant owners and individual consumers are experiencing the healhy benefits of wild game meats, such as buffalo meat, elk meat, ostrich meat, and several others.Conversely, wild game species cannot be sold, but can be harvested (hunte...


A Travellers Guide to India

India is a vast country with a vast population, two thirds of which lines in rural locations. Bounded by the Himalayas to the north, it occupies a natural subcontinent.India shares common borders with China, Bhutan and Nepal to the north, Pakistan to the north-west, and Burma to the north east. To the east, almost surrounded by India, is Bangladesh. Near India's southern tip, across the Palk Strait, is Sri Lanka.The country has 28 states which vary greatly in size, population and development. Each has its own government. There are also seven Union Territories with their Lieutenant Governors or Administrators.The official language is Hindi, written in the Devanagari script. It is spoken by close to a third of the population as a first language. English is an 'associated language'. In addition there are 18 official state languages.India has benefited greatly from the 'global economy' and the IT revolution and besides its traditional heavy industries, is now a major player in IT and software development, and cal...


Jamaica is an Exotic Place

Jamaica is an exotic place with a wide variety of things to do. From hiking and beaches to cities and shopping, there is truly something there for everyone. The weather is temperate and the transportation is simple. This is a place that should not be missed in your travels. Jamaica has a very interesting and rich history. The African influence is strong here, since the island served as a central hub for the slave, sugar, and rum trade. It was the best location for this since it is directly in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. Travelers can explore some of the ruins left behind from this time while on their visit. Searching for food on the island will yield some fascinating results. Most food has a little bit of a spicy kick to it, but travelers can also easily find more mild flavors. There is a huge variety of meals, so visitors are sure to find something they will enjoy. For instance, jerk pork, fruits, seafood, and specialized coffee are all available to hungry travelers. Even the pickiest of eaters will m...


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